Planning Board

Planning Board meetings are held the third Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Plymouth Town Hall.

Work Sessions are held on the first Thursday of every month to discuss planning issues. These meetings are open to the public. Applications are generally not discussed at Work Sessions.

For more information about meeting schedules or deadlines contact Sharon Penney, Community Planner at (603) 536-1731, or email  You can also check the event calendar to the left to confirm meeting dates and times.

Plymouth Planning Board Members

    • Steve Rhodes, Chairman (term expires 2018)
    • Rebecca Hanson, Vice Chair (term expires 2018)
    • John Kelly, Non-recording Secretary (term expires 2017)
    • William Bolton (BOS rep/elected official)
    • Bryan Dutille (term expires  2017)
    • Eugene Thurston (term expires 2019 )
    • Chris Buckley (term expires  )
    • Steve Whitman, Alternate (term expires 2019)
    • Mike Ahern (BOS alt. rep/elected official)

Planning Board Meeting Schedule 2017



Zoning Board of Adjustment

Building Inspector Code Enforcement Officer: Brian Murphy           ph: 536-1731            536-0036  fax

As of March 10, 2009 the Town of Plymouth will enforce the State Building Code, which consists of: The International Building Code, 2009 The International Residential Code, 2009 The International Plumbing Code, 2009 The International Mechanical Code, 2009 The International Energy Conservation Code, 2009 The National Electrical Code These Code books are available for reference at Town Hall