Plymouth Conservation Commission

Meetings are in the Pease Public Library starting at 7 pm, on the third Tuesday of the month. This year we will also meet during the summer months.

Full Members

Lisa Doner, Chair (term expires 2017)

Gisela Estes (term expires 2017)

Rachelle Lyons (term expires 2015)

Susan Swope (term expires 2015)

Paul Wilson (term expires 2017)



Amey Bailey (term expires 2015)

Alan Davis (term expires 2016)

Paul Estes (term expires 2019)

Duane Snell (term expires 2017)



Neil McIver (Select Board)

Ryan Gagnon (PSU student)


Members can be contacted by email at: plyconcomm{@}

Walter Conservation Area Full Map









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