The members of the Select Board will meet for a 5:00 PM work session followed by a regular Select Board meeting at 6:00 PM, on the following dates:                               Monday, December 11 and   *Tentative Budget Work Session: Monday, December 18, 2017 at 5:00 PM.*

Plymouth Board of Selectmen Expand  Their Explanation of the 2017 Tax Rate 11/13/2017

The Plymouth Board of Selectmen have set the 2017 tax rate for the Town, local and regional School districts, County and State school tax with an overall rate of $29.58.  This rate is up by $4.39 from the 2016 tax rate of $25.17.  The breakdown is as follows:

Town          $8.74 to $11.06         up $2.32/$1,000 in valuation

County       $1.85 to $1.96            up $.11/$1,000 in valuation

Schools     $12.17 to $14.10         up $1.93/$1,000 in valuation

State Ed.    $2.41 to $2.44           up $.03/$1,000 in valuation

The increases shown above are not necessarily due to an increase in the entities budget appropriations; however, can for the most part be attributed to a dramatic decrease in anticipated revenues from projected sources including shared revenue receipts from the State of NH, $500,000 that was anticipated for the Highland Street Project, $126,000 of restricted funds for highway block grant funds, $200,000 worth of abatements paid back to property tax owners and  Mid-State Health  becoming a non-profit entity.  Mid-State Health’s status as a non-profit entity further contributes to a loss of an addition revenue for this year estimated at $81,000.

Additionally, the Town has been advised by many taxpayers that they will be filing for tax abatements this year as they believe their property assessments are too high.  In the past, the Town has in the past been able to utilize unreserved fund balance to offset the increase in property taxes.  This year, the Town did not have any unreserved fund balance available for this purpose; therefore, was unable to lower the rate.

Comparable Tax Rate Information:
Littleton    POP 5,928     Gross Appropriation 10,414,836                                                         Tax Rate 25.82   Town Portion     8.51
Franklin    POP 8,477     Gross Appropriation 11,890,774                                                        Tax Rate 25.45   Town Portion     13.45
Hanover    POP 11,260   Gross Appropriation 15,231,750                                                         Tax Rate 20.08   Town Portion     4.78
Tilton        POP 3,567       Gross Appropriation  5,718,211                                                         Tax Rate 21.50   Town Portion     7.27
Plymouth  POP 6,990      Gross Appropriation 8,438,522                                                       Tax Rate 29.56   Town Portion     11.06
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